Specialty Cybersecurity Solutions​​

Cloud Security & Services

Cloud Security, IaaS, Servers, Co-location, Storage, Backup, CDN, ITaaS, Virtual Desktop, Workspace, Helpdesk, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Mobile Device Management, Threat Hunting & Intelligence, SEIM, SOC etc.. 

Managed Security Services 

Penetration Testing, Managed Firewall, DDoS, Endpoint, Monitoring, SECaaS, Unified Threat Management, Biometric and Physical Security, Ransomware Prevention and Recovery, Observability, Identity and Access Management, Training and Awareness, Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Protection, Logging and Security Event Monitoring (+SIEM), Threat Intelligence, Email Protection etc.. 

Virtual CISO

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service offers organizations access to experienced cybersecurity professionals who provide strategic guidance and oversight without the need for a full-time, in-house CISO. Tailored to fit the unique needs and budget of each client, vCISOs offer expertise in developing and implementing cybersecurity strategies, managing compliance, and responding to security incidents. Our vCISO will navigate complex security challenges while optimizing resource allocation and scalability.

Ransomware Preparedness

Offering organizations proactive measures to safeguard against ransomware attacks. Ransomware assessments, customized security protocols, employee education, and incident response planning, this service strengthens defenses and mitigates the impact of ransomware incidents. By prioritizing early detection, prevention strategies, and effective response frameworks, businesses can minimize disruption caused by ransomware threats.

Security Professional Services

Cybersecurity professional services encompass a range of offerings provided by skilled experts to help organizations address their cybersecurity needs effectively.  Security Engineering - Strategic | Tactical, Cloud Transformation, Zero-trust, Security Auditing and Compliance, Contact Centers, Project Management, etc..

Security Tool Suites

Network Behavioral Analytics, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Network Visibility,  Managed SD-WAN, 24/7 Monitoring, Zero-trust (ZTNA), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Workload Protection, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), NextGen Firewalls, O365 Security Monitoring, Vulnerability Management, 

Assessments & Advisory - Security, Risk & Compliance

Offering comprehensive guidance to organizations seeking to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity, risk management, and regulatory compliance. The advisory service offers proactive insights, actionable recommendations, and ongoing support to help organizations effectively manage security, risk, and compliance challenges and safeguard their valuable assets. Assessments assist with visibility and security roadmaps. 

Business Impact and Continuity Planning

Focus on safeguarding organizations against disruptions and ensuring business operations can continue in the face of cyberattacks, natural disasters, and other emergencies. These services involve comprehensive risk assessments, contingency planning, and the development of strategies to mitigate potential impacts on critical business functions. Objectives are to enhance resilience, minimize downtime, safeguarding against financial losses and reputational damage.

Ping Security Promise

We emphasize our commitment to attentive customer engagement, ensuring a thorough understanding of their security needs and objectives. Our priority lies in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers, valuing their satisfaction over mere profitability. We uphold the customer as paramount, offering protection and service fit for royalty.

ping security integrity

We specialize in delivering top-tier cybersecurity integrations tailored to each client's unique needs. Our offerings include vendor-agnostic solutions and integrations crafted through actionable discovery and rigorous security analysis.