Endpoint device Security 

Advanced Threat Detection and intelligence

Expert Incident Response playbooks

Extended Detection Capabilities

Security Orchestration Automation

Secure Mobile Device Management

Laptop Security Endpoint Management


Endpoint Detection and Response 

Security tools focused on user devices. Real-time visibility into security threats enabling quick response time.

  • Endpoint Telemetry and Forensics
  • Automated Response Actions
  • Security Ecosystem Integration
  • Threat Detection & Advanced Behavioral Analysis
  • Scalability, Compliance, Continuous Updates
  • Fileless malware and zero-day exploits


Incident Response 

Identifying, containing, mitigating and recovering from security breaches and cyberattacks. Impact analysis and playbook workflows for security response teams to quarantine and isolate exploitations from threat actors.   

  • 24/7 Availably and Experienced Rapid Response Teams
  • Rapid Malware Infection Alerting and Custom Response Plans
  • Comprehensive Investigations and Incident Triage & Prioritization
  • Data Loss Prevention, Regulatory Compliance, Cost-Effectiveness
  • Continuous Improvement and Training, Confidentiality and Trust
  • Post-Incident Analysis and Recommendations


Extended Detection and Response

Expands on EDR by sourcing data from networks, cloud, email, identity management, threat intelligence feeds and multiple security controls. 

  • Unified security platform
  • Comprehensive threat detection
  • Automated threat analysis and response
  • Contextualized threat intelligence
  • Cross-layered visibility and correlations
  • Scalability and integrated IR workflows
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Threat hunting and continuous monitoring
  • Lateral network movement early-warning


Security Orchestration, Automation & Response

Integration of response and detection capabilities that automate workflows, response actions and IR processes across multiple tools and technologies.

  • Security tool integrations
  • Playbook automation
  • Sophisticated detection algorithms
  • Case management
  • Threat intelligence integration
  • Security workflow automation
  • IR efficiency and effectiveness


Mobile Device Management

Centralized control and security management of mobile devices across the organization

  • Device security with sensitive data protection
  • Device configuration and settings, applications and updates
  • Compliance and standardization
  • Application management: distribution, installation, authorization and access
  • Data encryption, remote wipe, backup and IP data safeguards
  • Remote troubleshooting, monitoring and productivity
  • Device auditing, analytics and reporting