Continuous Integration
continuous deployment
  • Automated and frequent integration of code changes into a shared repo
  • Rapid detection and resolution of security vulnerabilities
  • Identify code inconsistencies and ensure delivery of secure software
  • Expedite deployment process and high reliability 
  • Streamline development processes and delivery at scale
  • High-quality, secure applications 
  • Integration of security protocols in every phase of deployment
  • Rapid software updates and streamlined patching
  • Security evolution in tandem with application
  • Significant reduction in vulnerability exposure time
  • Balance risk mitigation with innovation
  • Systemize cybersecurity deployments to build trust and commitment
  • Integrity of digital ecosystem

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     CI / CD Solutions

  • Security as Code Implementation -  Our approach treats security configurations, policies, and controls as code, enabling versioning, automation, and repeatability for enhanced security measures. Terraform, AWS Cloud Formation, Chef etc..
  • Shift Left Strategy -  We integrate security practices early in the development process, addressing vulnerabilities at their source and minimizing remediation costs. GitLab CI/CD, CircleCI, GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins etc..
  • Risk Assessment Services -  Our experts conduct risk assessments to identify and prioritize security threats based on their impact and likelihood, ensuring proactive risk management. Risks in code changes, Security checks in CI/CD Pipelines, Remediation and prioritization, Compliance and Security Policies
  • Compliance Automation Solutions -  We help automate compliance checks and audits to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards, streamlining compliance processes. Rollback deployments, Security patching based on severity etc..
  • Education and Training Programs -  Our comprehensive education and training programs raise awareness of security best practices and tools among developers and operations teams, empowering them to contribute to a secure environment.
  • Seamless Tool Integration -  We seamlessly integrate security tools and solutions into the development pipeline, streamlining processes and improving efficiency without disruption. Pre-commit security checks and tools, open-source or vendor tools, etc..

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